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Charge Air Cooler

Charge Air Cooler

We introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Manufacturers of Charge Air Cooler in India since 1987. The material we use in building Charge Air Cooler is Aluminium and copper brass. We have different variations of different capacities ranging 250 Kva to 2000 Kva. Which can also be customized according to the customer's requirement. SAASWAD’S range of Charge air coolers (CAC)/After coolers or Intercoolers have proved very successful in cooling engine intake of air for increased power, improved fuel economy and emission . The CACS manufactured at SAASWAD with controlled atmosphere brazing processes as well as Mechanical bonded process in following categories :-

  • Material: Aluminum & Copper brass
  • Design Types: Fin & Tube / Bar & Plate
  • Off-Road / Construction Equipment Backhoe Loaders, Dumpers, Dozers and Concrete Mixtures, Locomotives, DG Sets etc.
  • Industrial Power Generation Engines: 125 KVA-3000 KVA

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