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Custom designed heat exchangers

We introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Manufacturers of Heat exchangers in India since 1987. We are known for manufacturing quality products and providing complete products through technical expertise and after-sales service to our customers. We at SAASWAD have proven capabilities and expertise to provide customized engine cooling systems that consist of multiple heat exchangers and auxiliary components such as tan shrouds, re-circulation shields, and DE Beration tanks. The designs we provide have multiple mounting options to meet diverse engine types and performance parameters and can be directly installed on the engine assembly lines.The material we use in building Heat exchangers is Almunium and copper brass. We have different variations. Which can also be customized according to the customer's requirement.

  • The custom manufactured engine cooling systems include all components, as listed below, needed to install and connect the heat exchanger to respective engines
  • Drive kit with premium belts, pulleys, and stub shaft
  • Pipe kit with custom-formed pipes to interface with engine specifications > Radiator base designed to interface with specific engine rail
  • Optional galvanized steel and heat exchanger coatings for enhanced corrosion protection

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