Our Applications

Heavy Equipments

Our products meet most of the requirements for these applications, whether on moving equipment or in a stationary application. We at Saaswad offer heavy duty heat transfer for these heavy equipments like earthmovers, dozers, loader, etc. We have a range of custom designed heat transfer equipment for these heavy equioment. We manufacture heat transfer equipments for engines upto 4000 HP. We have extensive experience in manufacturing products specific to many of the application requirements for these segments, including:

  • Gas and Diesel Engine cooling

  • Charge-air-cooling

  • Exhaust inter and after-cooling

  • Oil cooling

  • Transmission cooling

We have extensive mobile product experience for heavy-duty on-and off-highway applications, including:

  • Heavy and Medium Trucks

  • Dump trucks

  • Fire Trucks

  • Utility Trucks

  • Busses

  • Mining

  • Mining

  • Ground support equipment

  • Marine

  • Military Vehicles, and Ground Support Equipment

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