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Metro Railway

Metro systems and heat transfer products are an important part of the global transportation network and different mobility solutions across the world. Saaswad offers many solutions for new or replacement Metro applications. Saaswad, engineers, manufactures, and re-manufactures a comprehensive range of mechanically bonded radiators (4-row, 6-row, 8-row), oil coolers, aftercoolers, intercoolers, and complete cooling packages for new and replacement Metro applications. We are approved vendors with Indian Railways for EMD Modified After Cooler , Lube oil cooler for 16-710G3B and 12-710G3B series engines and Radiator for Locomotives of these series engines.We are also approved vendor for Charge after coolers & Radiators various engines. We manufacture heat transfer equipments for engines upto 4000 HP. We have extensive experience in manufacturing products specific to many of the application requirements for these segments.

  • Rail Maintenance

  • Locomotive equipment

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